First Release of Simlestia.

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First Release of Simlestia.

Post by Janus » Sat Dec 02, 2017 4:12 am

Okay, here we go folks.

I have just uploaded the inaugural version of my fork of Celestia, which I have dubbed, Simlestia.
It comes from Celestia committ 5287 on github.
It is a work in progress, subject to feedback.

It is in downloads @ labelled Simlestia_171201.7z

The naming style is temporary, to be replaced once I have a versioning system in place.
Until then, I will release each new update as a complete archive, a difference archive, and a full directory tree.
The latter is so that google will index the tree, so it will show up in search results.
Not sure if I will use git or svn, or exactly what for a versioning system.

Details of each release will be in its header.

The included precompiled x86 & x64 files are fully statically linked.
They do not require VS redists.


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