Celestia in motion again.

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Celestia in motion again.

Post by Janus » Tue Jan 22, 2019 8:20 am

The main celestia project is in motion again, which is why this site has been dormant.
The primary compiler has been changed to VS2015, which I do not consider an upgrade because the UI is worse, but has more C/C++ features.
However, I will not be able to use their releases directly since they have made changes I can not use.

They have switched to using cmake & git, along with eliminating the precompiled support libraries.
The combination is incompatible with my system, and I will be using it.
I do not use cmake if I can help it, portable only when I have to use it, and git is not even on my system, though if I find a portable that may change.
Neither is properly installed, nor in my path.
Thus I will have to merge part of their source with my libraries, and diffs to my changes once I figure out how to make them.

At the moment I have commit 5388 working, and uploaded to my downloads.
Releases synced with the main project will be directories labelled commit_xxxx, with older releases fading over time.

As always, my release is VS only, fully static linked, no support DLLs needed.
celestia_xxxx_master.7z is a source archive.
celestia_xxxx.7z contains x86 & x64 EXEs, usable along side other releases in their install directories.


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