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Never let programmers do paper work.

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Sim/Celestia Support libraries
Solar System tour on DVD
Looking for feedback on this by the way.

Please forgive the crude design of the website.
My areas of interest and study are far from HTML/CSS/Javascript
This site is dedicated to my personal branch/fork of the Celestia project.
I think Alexell has done a great job resurrecting the old site.
I wish him the best of luck at Celestia.space which is active once more.
However, my goals and his do not quite run in parallel, nor do our tools.
Currently all sources here are setup for VS2013.
Simlestia itself can be compiled with VS2013 fully static in x86 & x64 versions.
It can also be compiled with QT5.4/5.6/5.8/5.9 in x86 & x64 versions as well.
As I get things more organized, I will updating this site, as well as the forum and blog.