Why am I doing this anyway?

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Why am I doing this anyway?

Post by Janus » Mon Nov 27, 2017 5:00 pm

The answer is simple in one respect, and complex in another.

I tried to contact claurel several times after the old forums went down, and I failed.
I tried to make my own, and again, I failed.
That is life, it happens.

Then Alexell did contact him, and got the old forum info.
Great, wonderful, nice to see it back up and running.

Alexell also started working on the code again, which does need it.
I tried to help where I could, though I doubt I was much help.
As I have said over and over, I am not a real C/C++ programmer.

Now however, Alexell has decided to concentrate on a single GUI style for Celestia, QT.
QT is ok in my own opinion, but delicate, fussy, and a little hard to work with.
That is strictly my own opinion though.

I have tried to advocate for keeping the ability to use a wide variety of compilers and GUI styles.
To no avail, that discussion is now closed.

Alexell is choosing QT5.9, and that is his right.
I have no quarrel, he got the forum up and running again, it is now his.

For me however, I do not really like QT, and I happen to like that Celestia can have more than one GUI.
I happen to think it is kind of cool.
Were it a production program, my opinion may be different, but it an open source utility.
As such, I am pushed by my own preferences to go my own way.

That is why I am here.
To go my own way, to do my own thing.

Even if no one else joins me here, or assists me, I am doing my own thing.

I will of course help with the real Celestia when and where I can, if I can that is.
However, I have doubts that I will be able to since this is about education and fun for me, not work.

My intent is to branch my code after the catalog name changes, but before the integration of QT into the main program.
At this time, that looks like commit 5298.

I am hoping to put up alpha/beta code by the first of the year.
It will be designed to compile with VS2013/15 or Mingw. {If someone wants to contribute a VS2017 solution, I have no problem with that, but I will be unable to test or make releases with it.}
The QT version will compile with QT5.4/5.6/5.8/5.9 x86 & x64 both.

The binary releases will be in the form of archives with all needed support files included.
Formatted something like SL_Vs2013_x86 or SL_Vs2013_QT54_x64 to show what is inside.

I will also be making some small changes to morph it slightly.
These changes will be to make it work better for my own needs, and may include outside requests as well.

I will be listing them as I make them, and eliciting comments once I actually have some users/readers here.


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