Static vs DLL linkages

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Static vs DLL linkages

Post by Janus » Wed Dec 06, 2017 7:47 pm

Okay, here is a fun item of interest.

I created VS sln/vcxproj files for all of the Celestia support files.
I set them all for use windows directly, and multithreaded.

It turns out that QT has some issues with that approach.

I am currently experimenting with various approaches to fixing this.
LibPng comes with a VS setup that has release & release_library options, and for debug as well.
Apparently this for standard using DLLs, and library using static linkage.
That is how I am treating it anyway.

I am creating that option for all of the rest as well.
Then I am setting them for /MD in release, and /MT in release_library.

The reason for this is give an inlined library, and a DLL using version both.
I am hoping this will keep the VS stand alone, and the QT linkable as well.
Since I have compiled all of the libraries to use windows files directly, not using MFC, it should still not require the VS redists.
Though QT may require them, though I have not been able to determine if that is the case.

I have to say the directions and documentation for QT is some of the worst I have ever seen.
I strongly dislike it from the programming side.

We will see where the future takes us.


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