New support libraries setup.

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New support libraries setup.

Post by Janus » Tue Jan 22, 2019 8:08 am

The separate libraries have been combined into a single sln/vcxproj set.
The compiler has also been changed to VS2015 Upd3.

This means that all of them can be compiled at once, and copies in mass over to celestia.
They are located in: VS-2015 and will be updated as needed.
When the main celestia project does is the most likely cause, though I may not keep in perfect sync.

The 7z archive can be extracted in place, which will create its own directory.
In it, you will find a single sln file.
When it is loaded, you will see all of the projects, which are already configured to create static link libraries.
From build, select batch build to build several at once.
I use all of them done in win32 & x64 release mode.


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