Okay, here is another update to think about.

First, I added distance to the RaDec display.

SO now in addition to telling where your selected item is according to the clock, it also tells you how far away it is to help you visualize distances and alignments.


More importantly however, in looking into selden’s wish list, I found out how chaotic celestia is when loading data files.

It all comes down to the routine enumfiles. Which is a compact routine to read the contents of a directory it is passed, and handle them.

It does this by asking for the contents of the directory, and handling it in the order received, in real time.

This results in branching into a subdirectory in the middle of a directory, then resuming when it returns.

The end result is that there is no really predicting what your load order will be since OS, caching, Filesystem, and many more items can effect how a directory is read, or listed.


What I did was filter the contents into two lists, filenames & dirnames.

I then sort those lists using a case insensitive sort, what a pain, and why isn’t there a C++ standard way to do that?

I then deal with the files in alphabetical order before moving on to the subdirectories.

Each of which are dealt with the same way.

However, now everything is loaded in the same order on every system, every time.


Hopefully this will make life easier for addon makers since they can now predict how and in what order their packages will load.