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Updates 171220

By: Janus | Date: December 20, 2017 | Categories: Uncategorized

Okay, here is another update to think about. First, I added distance to the RaDec display. SO now in addition to telling where your selected item is according to the clock, it also tells you how far away it is to help you visualize distances and alignments. More importantly however, in looking into selden’s wish […]

Simlestia 171201 released.

By: Janus | Date: December 2, 2017 | Categories: Uncategorized

Okay, for better or worse, I have released the first version of my fork of Celestia. The fist change is the movement of the observer distance from the upper left as part of item data, to the lower right to get it our of the way. The second, is that bodies in the solar system […]