I discovered today that there are cmod tools based on QT in the celestia source tree.

It took me several hours, but I have updated them to VS2013 & QT5, Eigen 3, and some other minor fixes along the way.


The biggest headache of all was with templates using Eigen.

In one file, there is a reference to eigen::ei_traits(DERIVED>::scalar, which didn’t make a lot of sense to me, but apparently used to be valid code.

However, Eigen no longer uses that interface, and no replacement for ei_traits was listed.

Many hours and lots of reading later, I stumbled across an idea, which helped me solve it.

I replaced the above with eigen::arrayxf::scalar, then it compiled, linked, and ran.


The next update will contain all of the fixes, and I have already put the tools up in the downloads directory as cmod_QT563.7z for those who may be interested.