Starts, stops: restarts.

By: Janus | Date: January 22, 2019 | Categories: Uncategorized

Okay, it has been a year, more or less.

However, I had hoped to be retire this site completely because the celestia project had started up again under new management.

This is not to be however.

The new new management has taken a direction I can not follow. Not changing the compiler to VS2015, that is fine. It has better C/C++ support, even if the GUI is worse, though I am able to work around most of that.

There is nothing inherently wrong with their path, it is simply not compatible with me, or the way that I work. I work with snapshots so I can predict everything. They are going with a cmake generated project, and git calls to grab support libraries in source at every compile.

So I am resuming my work on my own branch or fork of celestia.

My support libraries have been converted to VS2015, and combined from a collection of projects, to a single one. This allows all of them to be generated at once, then the lib files to be copied all at once since they are placed together as the last step of compilation.

Commit 5388 is currently up in my downloads. VS2015 compiled, fully static linked, it requires no support libraries or VS redists. The smaller archive in the commit numbered subdirectory contains both x86 & x64 versions that are fully stand alone.

Here is hoping that all goes well, and divergence stays small.