Simlestia 171201 released.

By: Janus | Date: December 2, 2017 | Categories: Uncategorized

Okay, for better or worse, I have released the first version of my fork of Celestia.

The fist change is the movement of the observer distance from the upper left as part of item data, to the lower right to get it our of the way.

The second, is that bodies in the solar system now show their Ra Dec in real time, as determined by the simulation clock. Which means you can select something, then set a date, and see where it was, is, or will be, and what things will or did look like.

Many changes will be made in the upcoming months, and other are not.

One of the big reasons for this branch is Alexell on deciding to make QT an integral part of the program, replacing all of its internal functions with their QT versions, leaving Celestia with only a single interface.

That is not what I am doing. I am keeping all the ones that exist now, and possibly adding one more to the mix to enhance adaptability.

We will where things go from here.