Times passage.

By: Janus | Date: November 14, 2017 | Categories: Uncategorized

Okay, it has been a while since anything has been put up here. In fact, word of my original posts won’t reach Alpha Centauri for another few months. The biggest reason for that drop off is I ran into life, and the internet.

On the life side, I was unable to achieve a number of my programming goals with Celestia.

Lack of knowledge on my part, and more circular references in reference material and documentation than a trash can convention.

Slow though it be, I have still made some progress.

Shatters.net has been revived, and is now at celestia.space. Alexell is trying to revive the old community, and I wish him luck.

I have offered what help I could, which consisted first of updating the sln/vcxproj files to VS2010 first. Then later to being compatible with VS2012/13 as well. I updated the QT code to QT5 as well. Later on I was able to start making progress on 64-bit.

After this some VS2017 code that did 64-bit was given out, which I tried and failed to use.

However, I did eventually get 64-bit working on the old code, only in VS2013 though. Later I was able to get 64-bit working in QT as well, still with VS2013. After a lot of learning and testing and work, I applied my sln/vcxproj & pro files from VS2013, to the VS2017 code, and after some modifications to both, got them working together.

Now the VS2017 code with updated Eigen and other improvements, is working with VS2013 and QT5 in both 32 and 64 bit both.

Sadly however, it appears that Alexell is intent on using VS2017 and QT5.9 going forth. I am unable to help because VS2017 is incompatible with my system. Instead, I am here concentrating on VS2013 with various versions of QT5.x while hoping to get the code working with VS2015 as well.

Where Alexell wishes to concentrate on a single combination, I will be working on keeping the list of compilation options as wide as possible.

I wish him well, and will happily help all I can. However, I must concentrate on what I can do, and how I wish to see it done. Which is the beauty of open source, we can both go our own way. While using whatever works out of each others progress.

The end users are the real winners, as it should be.