Minor changes to Celestia structure.

By: Janus | Date: December 2, 2013 | Categories: Uncategorized

Project files for Celestia on windows have been slightly rearranged.

Visual studio project files are now in the /vs directory of the source tree.  Build directory for files generated during compilation is also separated allowing for non interfering development in both VS versions using the same copy of the sourcecode.

Executable output names have been separated and made distinct.

celestia-vs2k8.exe  is from Visual studio 2008

celestia-vs2k10.exe is from Visual studio 2010


Project files for QT creator QT4 & QT5 have been made distinct. Both are in /qt directory and place the executable there as well. Build directories are by default in /build-celestia-qt? according to QT version.

As with the VS projects, executable names have been made distinct as well.

celestia-QT4.exe is from QT4.8.5 w/Vs2k8

Celestia-QT5.exe is from QT5.1.1 2/Vs2k10


Revisions to Star data display are next on the agenda.