Hello world, Celestia @ SimulatorLabbs is getting off the ground.

By: celestiasim | Date: November 25, 2013 | Categories: Uncategorized

This is the development home of Celestia on SimulatorLabbs.

Here is where continuing development announcements will be made. The license of course remains unchanged, the only thing we ask is attribution if you use a version compiled by us or from the code here, thank you in advance.

The forum at http://celestia.simulatorlabbs.com/forum is for ongoing discussion. It should be operational in the next few days if nothing else goes wrong.

The Celestia code here is a fork from svn5225 of the v1.70 trunk. The SVN is up and running, but unlisted until we have other issues dealt with.

It has been altered to move the project files for VS2k8 & QT4.8.5 to subdirectories. Compilable with the express version of VS and QT with VS extensions installed. Updating the project files for both to VS2k10 & QT5 will happen as time permits, and they may go into other subdirectories of their own if needed.  Backwards compatibility with older versions of compilers will be maintained to the greatest extent feasible as we do not upgrade for the sake of upgrading. We only do so when the newer version offers some advantage over what we already have.

This allows the same copy of the code to be compiled with VS & QT without cross interference. We are hoping to be able to do the same with VS2k8 & VS2k10 as well as QT4.8.5 & QT5 if that is possible.

Only windows compilation is tested so far.

Linux will be tested and adjusted for as needed once this site is working properly.

As no one here owns or uses a mac, no testing by us feasible or desired.

If you wish to test mac+qt compilation please feel free to let us know the results. If we can support them as well without interfering with what we need, we are happy to do so. However they remain a non priority for us and will be looked after only to the extent that users inform us of problems they have and fixes they have devised. Due credit to be given to the author(s) of course.

There are several minor alteration we will be making to Celestia. These are minor tweaks inspired from things we have read in one or more places, and needs of our own. All code of course remains open and free.